Giti | گیتی | Bracelet

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 Our Giti bracelet is your most neutral design. Subtle in colour, it an camouflage with your most instagram worthy outfit! Make it a staple in your capsule wardrobe.


Length: approximately 21 cm long (which includes a 1 cm extension). 

Bead size: 0.5 cm in diameter and the blue Nazar is slightly larger than the rest

Bead materials: plastic

Weight: 5 g

Metal: alloy in gold colour

Delivered in our custom Nazar jewellery pouch.

How to Use a Nazar Bracelet?

Simply wear your Nazar bracelet on your wrist to ensure you are protected against the ill thoughts of others. Ensure that the bracelet is in sight, to reap all of the bracelet's protective benefits. 

Jewellery Care

To maintain long-lasting wear, we strongly recommend removing your jewellery before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture and friction (i.e. showering, swimming and going to bed).