Sang | سنگ | Key chain

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Sang means 'stone' in Farsi and represents the clear stone shaped bead on the key chain.  The Sang on the key chain represents the healing properties one can receive from a clear quartz stone (although we note that the bead on this key chain is not a real clear quartz stone). This symbolism, together with the glass evil eye amulet, will provide you with protection against the ill thoughts of others. 

Made from one hand-made glass amulet. 


Length: approximately 15.5 cm long

Talisman size: 2.5 cm in diameter each (glass)

Weight: 25 g

Delivered in our custom Nazar jewellery pouch.

Authenticity Guarantee 

The amulet attached to this key chain is a 100% authentic Middle Eastern glass talismans, hand-made in Turkey and sent to New Zealand.