About Us

Nazar  | نظر | New Zealand is a one-stop-evil-eye shop! 🧿 We sell evil eye jewellery and glass hand-made amulets that ward off nazar and detract negativity of others from affecting you. 

What is our aim?

Our aim is to bridge the gap between Middle Eastern traditions and modernity, one amulet at a time. We hope to help people bring more positivity into their lives by teaching them to protect themselves from the  "nazar | نظر |" of others.


How were we founded?

We are a Middle Eastern and Gujarati owned and operated small business, trying to share our culture with New Zealand. Nazar (or the evil eye) features prominently in our culture, but we struggled to find quality evil eye amulets, jewellery and keychains in New Zealand. We contacted family in the Middle East and asked them to send us authentic, hand-made evil eye glass. Although the shipping times are really long, we were so happy to have an authentic item in our home.

From this, and the hope that other South East Asian families would want to protect their loved ones from the negativity of others with authentic evil eye amulets, Nazar was born. We now source our glass amulets from Turkey and name our goods in English and Farsi—keeping our culture at the root of our business.


Our favourites!

Our favourites are: