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This amulet is named "Panj" which means "5" in Farsi. Given this amulet has five different evil eye talismans hung on one rope, you are afforded five times the protection that you would receive with just one amulet. 

This amulet will thrive in a home that hosts lots of gatherings with many people coming through the door.


Premium hand-made glass amulet.

Made in Turkey.

Can be hung inside or outside.

Thick rope to hold the weight of the amulet. 

Size: 5 cm wide for each amulet

Thick: 2 cm 

Rope Length: 26 cm

Weight: 145 g

Authenticity Guarantee

Our amulets are 100% authentic Middle Eastern glass talismans. They are all hand-made in Turkey and sent to New Zealand. By sourcing authentic Middle Eastern Nazar, we believe the protective power of the amulets is stronger than other amulets on the market, as they are made in a country that wholeheartedly believes in their protective properties and ensures they are made to a premium standard. 

How To Use Amulets 

Simply hang an amulet in a room that welcomes guests, and you will be protected from your guests' negative thoughts. Please ensure your amulet is visible in the room you want to protect. If you do not have the amulet in sight, for example, if you hide it behind a vase or a painting, you risk weakening the amulet's protective properties. 

It is best practice to hang one amulet for each room that you want to protect. As people move around your home, they have different thoughts depending on what they see and may envy items/things that you did not think were worthy of another's envy. For example, someone may walk into your living room without thinking anything negative/casting any envy, but when you give a house tour, they may admire your bedside tables or the painting in your study. When the feeling of admiration arises, your guest may unintentionally case nazar on you because they envy what you have. As such, it is best to have a visible amulet in any room that guests may visit, to ensure protection against any unintentional envy. 

Customer Reviews

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My 2nd time purchasing from Nazar, as always everything was perfect- fast turn around, well packaged, super cute branded packaging, item was just as described - thank you! I will be purchasing more xx

Absolutely Perfect

To me this so much more than a pretty blue glass decoration, this amulet is five discerning eyes at my door, quietly watching and protecting. I felt humbled to unbox them, grateful for their long journey to me.

Tina Haire
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