Parisa | پریسا | Bracelet

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Our Parisa bracelet is one of our top selling bracelet due to its authenticity and being full hand-made glass talisman. This is the bracelet you wear for days when you need the most level of protection. 

As each talisman is hand-made, do not be surprised if the glass beads on the Parisa bracelet are not identical. Each bead is unique with its own birth-marks.

Each colour of Parisa has a different meaning and assists with the protection of different things-see the last photo for an explanation≥


Length: Approximately 16 cm (note the glass is on an elastic so the bracelet stretches)

Talisman size: 1 cm in diameter each

Number of talismans: 16 glass talismans separated by decorative plastic beads

Weight: 30 g

Delivered in our custom Nazar jewellery pouch.

Authenticity Guarantee 

All glass talismans on this bracelet are hand-made in Turkey, and sent directly to New Zealand.

How to use Nazar Bracelets?

Simply wear your Nazar bracelet on your wrist to ensure you are protected against the ill thoughts of others. Ensure that the bracelet is in sight, to reap all of the bracelet's protective benefits.  

Jewellery Care

To maintain long-lasting wear, we strongly recommend removing your jewellery before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture and friction (i.e. showering, swimming and going to bed). 

Please be careful when wearing the Parsia bracelet as she is made from glass and has the potential to cause harm, if not used carefully. For safety, please avoid gifting this bracelet to young children.

Customer Reviews

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Nur S Shamsul Baharin

Parisa | پریسا | Bracelet

Bron Poole
Stylish, Functional & Easy to Wear

My daughter & I love this bracelet. The glitzy detail is gorgeous. Thank you xx

Kaasheni Sasi

Thank you so much! Loved the Nazar bracelets and your great service.

Shahnaz Rauf
My favorite!!

Brought a couple of this bracelet, one for myself and one for my mum! We wear this everyday and is amazing quality and super sturdy! Processing and delivery is super quick too !! Very satisfied with the entire process, and will be back for more !