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Dua means prayer in Farsi. This amulet is named after the Benediction Prayer that has been screen printed, in gold, on this amulet.

The Dua amulet will protect you and your family members against the evil eyes cast by others with the Dua written on it. This evil eye amulet can be disguised as a home decor item while providing you with protective healing properties.


Premium hand-made glass amulet.

Made in Turkey.

Can be hung inside or outside.

Thick rope to hold the weight of the amulet.

Size: Approximately 13.5 cm

Thick: 1 cm for both

Rope Length: Approximately 23 cm long

Weight: Approximately 285g

How To Use Amulets

Simply hang an evil eye amulet in a room that welcomes guests, and you will be protected from your guests' negative thoughts. Please ensure your amulet is visible in the room you want to protect. If you do not have the amulet in sight, for example, if you hide it behind a vase or a painting, you risk weakening the amulet's protective properties.

It is best practice to hang one evil eye amulet for each room that you want to protect. As people move around your home, they have different thoughts depending on what they see and may envy items/things that you did not think were worthy of another's envy. For example, someone may walk into your living room without thinking anything negative/casting any envy, but when you give a house tour, they may admire your bedside tables or the painting in your study. When the feeling of admiration arises, your guest may unintentionally case nazar on you because they envy what you have. As such, it is best to have a visible amulet in any room that guests may visit, to ensure protection against any unintentional envy.

Authenticity Guarantee

Our amulets are 100% authentic Middle Eastern glass talismans. They are all hand-made in Turkey and sent to New Zealand. By sourcing authentic Middle Eastern evil eyes, we believe the protective power of the amulets is stronger than other amulets on the market, as they are made in a country that wholeheartedly believes in their protective properties and ensures they are made to a premium standard.



Where is the best place to put my amulet?

It is best for your amulets to be visible and to have at least one amulet for each room that welcomes guests. The most popular location to hang evil eye amulets in the living room, dining room, hallway, kitchen and bedrooms. Some Middle Easterners also place amulets outside the front door (or back door) to ensure all negativity is removed before a person walks into their home.

Can I buy an amulet for myself or is it like greenstone (i.e it has to be gifted to you)?

You can buy amulets or any evil eye talismans (including jewellery) for yourself. The protective properties are not lessened if you buy for yourself.

My amulet broke, is this bad luck?

No! It means your amulet has done its job and absorbed up all the negativity that has come your way. It is now time for you to replace your amulet to continue being protected.

Is it too much to have an amulet for my room, a keychain for my keys and an item of jewellery? Or is one enough?

It is best to have at least one form of evil eye talisman on you at any point in time, to ensure you are always protected. See the below situation:

Room: If you have one for your room, it means whenever someone enters your room, you will be protected against their negative thoughts. But if other rooms of your house do not have any protective nazar, then you may not be protected in those rooms if you do not have something on your body.

Jewellery: You are not in your room (where your amulet hangs) when you meet new people at university, school, work or a social event, so you are not protected by that talisman. If you have an item of jewellery on you, that will be your protective talisman to ward off any negativity coming your way.

Key chain: If you are in a situation where you cannot wear jewellery (i.e playing netball) or have forgotten to wear your jewellery and are outside of your house, your keychain can be your protective talisman.

While it may seem like a lot of talismans around you, it is better to be safe than sorry. The best way to ensure you are always protected is to have some sort of talisman around you, at any point in time.


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