Tallah | طلا | Earring

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Tallah means "gold" in Farsi and represents the beautiful colour of these earrings. Designed with three eyes dropping down one after the other, each iris represented by a small diamanté, the Tallah earrings are the perfect mixture of modernity and traditionalism.   

While this earring does not strictly have the same protective properties as our glass jewellery, the Tallah earrings are best for those who believe in the evil eye but do not wish to wear the traditional nazar symbol.


Length: approximately 7 cm long (or 3.5 cm when hanging from the ear) 

Width size: approximately 1 cm in diameter

Weight: 10 g

Metal: Gold plated alloy

Delivered in our custom Nazar jewellery pouch.

How to Use a Nazar Earrings?

Simply wear your Nazar earrings to ensure you are protected against the ill thoughts of others. Ensure that the earrings are in sight, to reap all of the bracelet's protective benefits. 

Jewellery Care

To maintain long-lasting wear, we strongly recommend removing your jewellery before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture and friction (i.e. showering, swimming and going to bed). 

Please note that the metal of the Tallah earring may change colour over a period of time.

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Nur S Shamsul Baharin

Tallah | طلا | Earring

Loved it!

Thank you so much for the beautiful jewellery.